Don’t forget about the national night out!

New Jersey home security customers: Did you go to the National Night Out last year? Here’s your chance to go again, because the National Night Out is coming up again on Tuesday, August 5. Held every year on the first Tuesday in August, the Night Out is a nationwide effort held by local police departments, fire departments and other community organizations. Members of the public are invited to come out and enjoy free food, activities and more in the company of the officers.

But what the National Night Out is really about is promoting safety and security, and that’s why the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office will be on hand that night to issue Youth ID cards to kids. This is a valuable tool that can be a lifeline when a child goes missing; it is designed for parents to hand to law enforcement so they have the child’s accurate photo, name, age and date of birth to distribute to media. More than 1,000 Youth ID cards were issued during the Monmouth County Fair, and six different cities within the county will be issuing them at National Night Out events on Tuesday.

All that’s needed to get a Youth ID card is the parents’ permission; they simply fill out a form that asks for the child’s information, and the child’s photo is taken. It’s easy, and it can be very effective if something ever happens. There are many National Night Out events taking place in Montgomery County; one of them is being held by the Freehold Borough Police Department, from 5-9 p.m. in the Monmouth County Hall of Records Annex parking lot. There will be inflatable rides for kids, a police car, a fire truck and other first responder vehicles – and it’s all free! If you attend the event, tell us about it on our New Jersey home security Facebook page.