Smart Security Cameras for Home Security Newbies

For active homeowners, it’s tough to know what’s going on at home when everyone is busy working – that is, if you don’t yet own smart security cameras. For those who do have smart security cameras as part of the home security system, finding out what’s going on at home is as simple as taking out their phone, opening their home security app, and getting a prompt view of whatever the camera is recording.

Here’s what else smart video cameras can give your home security system:

Viewing on Demand

Whatever you want to see, you can see it on demand as long as the cameras are positioned to record it. For some families, that means looking in on the kids when they’re home alone after school. For other homeowners, it may mean watching out for wildlife in the yard at certain times of day or night. Expecting a package? Check in to see if it’s arrived at the time you were told. The built-in motion detection records what’s going on as it happens, and cloud-based technology stores it so you can re-watch clips anytime you need to. Plus, don’t forget that you can program your system to send you a smartphone alert whenever the motion is detected.  

Customizable Alerts  

Even if you have smartphone alerts enabled for your security system, you don’t need to be overwhelmed with notifications every day – for example, when you’re enjoying time at home on the weekends. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn them off temporarily with the customization features on your security system. You can also opt out of video alerts if your system is disarmed. There are lots of customizations that can make your security system a more convenient part of your life, including the cameras.

Numerous Camera Choices

Smart security cameras are not restricted to a single, universal solution – and that’s a good thing for homeowners. They come in a variety of models, with options at several price points for different budgets. Even better news: The wide variety doesn’t have to be intimidating, because an experienced home security dealer can help you choose. For help with choosing smart security cameras, New Jersey home security newbies can contact Complete Security Systems.

3 Advantages of IP Video Surveillance

Internet Protocol (IP) devices are entangling themselves into every facet of our lives, and video surveillance is no different. Although adoption has been slow, the steady development of new technologies, from camera sensors to network infrastructure, is surely making its benefits known. From simple IP cams connected to a standard desktop for small homes and businesses, to full, expansive networks of cameras serving diverse operations. Let’s take a look at 3 advantages to IP video surveillance:

1. Flexibility

This technology is advancing quickly, but the most obvious benefit at any cost level is the flexibility afforded by basic wireless operation. Though certainly standard to any device in this category, it is still the best selling point for the tech. From installation to operation, the ease and access to each camera really does justify the cost associated with new technology. Whether you’re a concerned homeowner out of town, or a business owner/manager maintaining an operation from the road, the power to immediately access camera feeds through the internet is simply invaluable.
This is particularly true of larger security operations overseeing broad territories. A central command hub is invaluable to these organizations, and the immediate synchronization of video feeds makes IP cameras an obvious and important investment.

2. Mobility

Just as our personal devices have become our passkeys to Cloud backups and cross-platform content, adding mobile surveillance options has been a key driving force across every level of the industry. For good and bad, the ability to observe your business or home from anywhere you have a cell phone signal is an incredibly powerful motivator for anyone concerned with a security camera in the first place. All around the world, small business owners are delighting and demurred by immediate and total access to their video feeds.
Add an internet-enabled storage solution, and suddenly every feed gains a rich, searchable history of content, anywhere you want it.

3. Expansion

Current DVR systems are already accommodating both analog and IP cameras, and those options will only grow. However, the flexibility afforded has already been making inroads to utilities unrelated to security and loss prevention.
With a networked solution already in play, for example, it’s increasingly easy to send the feeds through any modern digital service you could imagine. For example, operations like those at Amazon’s warehouses depend a great deal on AI-assisted evaluation of the site’s operations. With software keyed to track a range of variables in the space, efficiency and quality are suddenly given hard metrics upon which to be measured.

This may sound futuristic, but truly, IP cameras represent one part of a cultural shift towards ultra-connected, intelligently-operated efforts at every level. Sure, in some cases this will result in a team of contractors running security and maintenance on a business from 10,000 miles away, with nary a human involved. But on another scale, it means that a small business owner can check on their livelihood, while a concerned parent can check in on their loved ones. IP cameras are only expanding their reach, and that’s only half as scary as it sounds.

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Why Dog Families Still Need Security Systems

Everybody loves your family’s dog, including visitors who aren’t in your family. Who doesn’t love him? A criminal who wants to break into your home. But even though he may be an inconvenience to a burglar, the presence of a dog is not always enough to keep an intruder away altogether. And that’s just one reason why dog families still need a home security system; here are some others.

Dogs’ senses are not infallible.

Dogs have great senses of hearing and smell. Even so, they can still fall short in the decision-making department. If you find yourself frustrated that your pet doesn’t act like a “guard dog” should, then he falls even shorter. Some dogs are just more intuitive than others.

But what is reliably intuitive? A professionally installed home security system, which senses home intrusion with powerful motion sensors, glass break detectors and other technology – all of it monitored 24/7 by the central station. All of this works together so that help will be on its way as soon as an intruder is detected.

Dogs are not connected to the central station. 

Speaking of the central station, your loyal pet isn’t “built” with technology that connects to it. But your security system is, and it will make sure a specially trained security operator is speaking with you the moment there’s a trigger. In seconds, the operator is locating your emergency and sending help.

Dogs are vulnerable creatures.

Unlike a home security system, your lovable family dog can be easily influenced by a criminal. For a cunning burglar who has done this before, it’s as easy as dangling a delicious-smelling piece of food on his way in the door. Your pet is vulnerable, and it’s just not fair to make home security his responsibility.

Questions about electronic security solutions for dog families? Contact Complete Security Systems for a free home security evaluation in New Jersey. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Environmental Sensors are a Must in Home Security. Here’s Why.

When thinking of home security, the first thing that comes to mind is usually protecting your home and family using intrusion deterrents such as burglar alarms. Home security, however, also includes protecting your home and property from other dangers, such as environmental ones. Once you understand the risks, however, you see that environmental sensors are an integral part of smart home security.

What is the Value of Environmental Sensors in Home Security?

Too often, it is easy to overlook serious, often unseen, dangerous, and devastating but detectable problems such as water or gas leaks, carbon monoxide, heat and smoke, and others. Environmental sensors are part of an early warning system that can prevent disaster or minimize damage caused by environmental factors such as extreme temperature fluctuation, carbon monoxide, poisonous gas leaks, broken pipes and more. With early warning, you can minimize the risks, dangers, and damages that these things can cause.

What Environmental Sensors Should You Include in Your Home Security System?

Home security does not stop with keeping intruders out. It also includes detecting other serious environmental dangers to prevent damage, injury, or fatalities. Talk to your home security provider about these important home security environmental sensors.

  • Smoke and Heat Sensors– Smoke and heat sensors are components that make up a fire alarm system. These sensors either detect the concentration of smoke or heat in a particular area and generate an alert if either reaches a concerning level.
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors– Carbon is an invisible, odorless, and poisonous gas produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. It can build up in a home without notice and once occupants notice the effects enough to attribute it to the gas, it is often once they have already become sick and incapacitated. These detectors alert you immediately so you can get out safely.
  • Water Sensors– Even a little water can create a tremendous amount of damage if left unchecked. When water sensors come in contact with water, they alert you to the problem immediately.
  • Freeze and Temperature Sensors–Temperature sensors can detect concerning temperature fluctuation and can provide a warning if indoor temperatures dip below a certain level for example.

When planning your home security, it is important to consider all of your options. Environmental sensors are a very valuable part of your overall smart home security system and add an additional layer of safety. Since 1983, Complete Security Systems, Inc. has been meeting the needs of homes and businesses throughout New Jersey with custom tailored security systems and offer a wide range of options in environmental sensors.


Tips for National Disaster Preparedness Month

As we approach the annual milestone of September 11, it’s a time to reflect on many things – one of which is how to be prepared for a disaster, whether it is natural or man-caused. September 2018 is the 15th annual National Disaster Preparedness Month, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). If you are interested in helping others understand how to get prepared for a potential emergency, there are some great resources at In addition, here are some tips for navigating through a disaster if one were to occur.

Be patient.

Relief workers will be on the scene in a disaster, but depending on the damage that has been done, it could take time to get the help you need. If you are in serious danger or gravely injured, do anything you can to attract attention to yourself – but if you are simply in an uncomfortable predicament, it’s best to stay calm until help arrives.

Expect utilities to be out.

No electricity, gas, water or phone services are all common results of disasters, particularly natural disasters. To be prepared, have supplies such as flashlights, blankets, water bottles, non-perishable foods, cleansing wipes, garbage bags and a cell phone charger in your disaster supply kit.

Pay attention to emergency alerts.

The New Jersey State Police and some local police departments participate in the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). As IPAWS users, they may send messages through the Emergency Alert System. Keep your battery powered radio and/or mobile phone near you as you wait for help; the emergency alerts may come through either of those devices. In some cases, there may also be emergency information on your security system panel.

Again, there is more information on disaster preparedness available through If you have questions about receiving emergency information on your security system, contact us today. We will be glad to help.

Business Security Systems: Why Upgrade Now Rather Than Later

Security systems evolve according to new threats. Businesses are always trying to stay ahead of potential threats that can put staff and customers at risk as well as risk-prolonged disruptions in the carrying out of daily business. Companies with government or military contracts are required to meet certain security minimums before they can even begin to provide products or services. Here are four trending security advancements businesses are using to stay ahead of the game.


Access control used to be nothing more than a locked door. Then, alarm were added to warn of illegal entry into unauthorized areas, but there was little accounting of traffic that was authorized. Sensitive areas that require a complete record of daily access are served well with biometric devices that can positively identify who is entering and leaving a secured area and at what times. Biometrics can be as simple as a thumbprint reader on a computer server to advanced retina reading devices, hand scanners and voice recognition.

Visitor Access

An area still hard for many businesses to control is visitor access. The traditional approach of adding security staff to monitor and control visitors is costly yet still widely in use. Modern digital visitor tracking options can be as simple as visitor ID badges to the high-end facial recognition software in use by casinos and other corporations. Controlled visitor access is an absolute necessity in environments that have public, semi-private and controlled areas such as hospitals. A hospital may have a cafe or dining area fully open to the public, patient rooms where only friends and family are permitted, and pediatric areas where infant access is restricted to parents and specific hospital staff.

Loss Prevention

Shrinkage due to retail theft is the bane of stores everywhere. The shoplifters are getting bolder and more savvy, and the stores need to keep up not only to reduce shrinkage but send a message to the criminals that ply this trade that their retail locations are too high of a risk to shoplift at. Larger retailers may incorporate facial recognition to know when prior shoplifters enter their stores. Retail product security tags have evolved from the stick-on ones that needed to be applied to every product to ones that have been embedded at the point of manufacture such as security tags inside shoes.

IP Surveillance Cameras

Affordable video surveillance was an exponential leap in business security. However, it was limited to on-site viewing. Internet Protocol camera and DVR systems now allow for remote viewing by any authorized person that has a computer, tablet or smartphone and Internet access. The cameras can be fully controllable for pan, tilt and zoom. Modern digital surveillance cameras can also have quality optics so clear that not only can the hands of cashiers be observed, but the individual serial numbers on the money can be seen too. The latest DVR systems can record a year’s worth of footage from multiple cameras, giving an instant and easy-to-access record of every second.

Insurance providers along with government and military customers are not the only ones expecting businesses to up their game when it comes to state-of-the-art security systems. Customers and visitors are demanding safety systems be in place to protect them against property, personal and violent crime while visiting the businesses. It is not necessary for every business to adopt every new security option, but it is necessary for them to have in place the ones in standard use by their industry. The costs of implementation can be offset by the prevention of one major litigation claim.

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The House of Tomorrow Is Here With Home Automation

Many people remember walking through the Home of Tomorrow and dreaming about all of the amazing possibilities technology held. Most of the examples of futuristic technologies were home automation based, and though they seemed so possible, they also seemed so very far away from reality. Home of Tomorrow enraptured our hearts and held our collective imagination. Now, the Home of Tomorrow is here, and we are no less enthralled.

The Kitchen of Tomorrow, Today

While we loved our kitchens in the 50s and 60s, kitchen duties consumed a huge portion of the day. We only dreamed of having appliances that could cook in minutes or being able to automate tasks from afar and walk away to pursue other activities. Today it is possible to have that “futuristic” kitchen of your dreams thanks to smart home automation technologies. From clothes and dishwashers, dryers, and refrigerators with digital interfaces to smaller appliances embedded with smart technologies, home automation technologies tie them all together and allow you to enjoy the kitchen even more than ever.

The Future is Now in Home Automation

We pretty much live in the best era EVER with advanced technologies allowing us to achieve more than we have ever imagined. Home automation technologies are becoming woven into our lives and our lives are undeniably better for it. With home automation, we can better manage our time by automating simple tasks, increase our productivity by controlling our environment, and increase our security all with the touch of a button.

With home automation, small things that steal our time or plague our minds like whether or not we have turned off an appliance before leaving or knowing whether or not we remembered to lock the doors can be addressed at any time from anywhere in the world. Now we can turn on enabled devices and have the crockpot started instead of rushing home, or have the house cozy and warm when we return without having to waste energy all day when we are absent.

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8 Ways Smart Home Technologies Help Simplify Back-to-School Routines

Every parent wants to pave the way to academic success for their children in every aspect of their lives. The first element of this is taking the chaos out of managing routines. Today, parents are using home automation to help them manage daily routines, and ease their worry about the safety and wellbeing of their children after school.

With life getting increasingly busy and more mobile, using smart home technologies to simplify daily routines just makes sense. Here are some ways you can use your home security and home automation systems to make the daily school routine a breeze.

Automating The Morning Routine

Up on Time—Getting kids up and out of bed can be a long process that takes you away from other things you need to get done to prepare for the day. Smart home technologies can help make the process quick and easy by scheduling lights on, blinds up, and music to help facilitate the process.

Lights Off and Doors Locked— In the rush of getting out the door, it is easy to forget important things like locking the door or turning off the coffee pot. Using smart technologies allows you turn off enable appliances or lock doors remotely, so you never have to turn back in traffic or worry all day that the door may not be locked.

The Smart Home Is Always Watching

Keep Areas Off Limits—You want to keep your teen and their visiting friends safe even if you are not yet home. Access control and alerts can make certain areas off limits, and alert you if someone has tried to gain access.

Did They Make it Home—Unique access codes and real time alerts allow you to know which child got home and when. Not only does it provide peace of mind knowing they are home, it prevents them from taking unscheduled detours.

Know When They Leave—Smart home technologies can help you manage the coming and going of your busy teen. Real time alerts will let you know if they left in enough time to make it to band practice or if they left without permission.

Are There Friends Over—With real time alerts, you can tell if the door is opening an unusual number of times, something that could indicate your home is Grand Central Station.

Cut Off TV or Game Time— Making sure that homework is done and that your student is to bed on time is much easier when you are using smart technologies. With smart enabled devices you simply schedule an off time.

Keep an Eye on Things—Video surveillance systems and remote real-time viewing provide just the tools you need to keep an eye on things, even if you are not home. Is homework done? Did the chores get done? Now you will know.

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The Lazy Days of Summer Starts With Smart Security

Okay, maybe most people would describe their summer as anything but lazy. Summer is a busy season that includes everything from trying to juggle schedules with the kids out of school, filling in for others on vacation, and taking off for a well-earned break of our own. In the midst of it all, you are trying to figure out how to keep the family and the house, safe and in one piece. It is a near impossible task, if not for home automation.

Home Automation Addresses Some of Summer’s Most Pressing Issues

The increased activity in summer brings a lot of fun, but it also brings its own set of challenges and dangers.

  • In summer, the house may be quite obviously empty while you’re on vacation.
  • With kids going in and out of the house a million times, the doors get left unlocked pretty frequently too, leaving the home vulnerable to intruders.
  • Keeping the doors and gates leading to pools closed and locked to prevent accidental drownings is also a huge concern.

The Fear is Real

Being concerned about summer safety makes sense. The combination of increased activities, having our attention diverted in a multitude of directions, and more people around naturally increases the opportunity for things like injury, accidental death, fire, and theft. Fortunately, home automation technologies can help address these concerns.

Have Fun, But Stay Safe

Fire up the barbeque and grab your towels, because summer is made for fun. In the middle of all the fun, though, do not neglect safety and security. When things get busy, it is easy to forget things like locking doors, or have our attention pulled away from supervising kids by someone at the door among many other common summer dangers. Problem solved. With home automation you can:

  • Monitor children playing outside or in a different room using smart cameras
  • Use smart sensors and alerts to tell you if doors or gates open unexpectedly
  • Keep kids out of pools or other dangerous areas
  • Monitor the home via smart cameras when you are away
  • Reduce the chances of theft
  • Check on pets throughout the day (some of that video just might be Youtube worthy)
  • Get alerts if there is unusual movement around the house while you are away
  • Lock those smart locks…. Again
  • Get an alert that you left the smart garage door open
  • Know exactly who is at the door via the video doorbell before getting pulled away from your activity, or answer from afar so you always look home
  • Make sure you turned off the roast in the oven
  • Fake occupancy with smart lighting and other enabled electronics while on vacation to further deter burglars.
  • Go Away on vacation knowing your home is covered by 24/7 monitoring.
  • Save money using smart lighting and a smart thermostat so you have more savings for vacation

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Home Security Checks Before Going on Vacation

Summer means travel for you and your family. While it’s all fun and exciting, it also means more time away, leaving your home and your belongings vulnerable to burglaries. There are ways you can protect your home, even if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

Home Security Checks to Perform Before Leaving

While home security should be a top priority year round, summer is a peak times for burglaries, so you need to step up your defenses. Before you head out for your summer vacation, make sure to perform these critical tasks on your checklist:

  • Install a Home Security System – Summer is a great time to install a security system. You will want to give yourself a little time between travel and installation. A security system will provide you with added peace of mind while you are away.
  • Inform Your Alarm Monitoring Service – If you already have a home security system, do not forget to tell the monitoring service you will be away (and give them the dates). Let your security service know who has authorized access to your home while you are away and provide the service with your contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Use Home Automation Systems – Home automation systems allow you to put your home on a timer. You can have lights turn on and off at specific times and even program your comfort systems to activate as you are on your way home, so everything is warm and well-lit for your arrival.
  • Put Mail and Newspapers on Hold – Nothing tells burglars you are away more than piled up mail and newspapers. Put any delivery services on hold or ask a neighbor to pick up the paper and mail so that you are not leaving a tell-tale sign you are gone.
  • Check All Entry Points – Check all entry points to your home and ensure they are locked. This includes basement entrances, attic windows, second-floor windows, etc.
  • Inform the Neighbors – Let your neighbors or the head of your neighborhood watch program know you will be away and ask if they could keep an eye on things for you.
  • Do Not Publicly Announce Your Travel Plans – Avoid the temptation to announce you will be away online or publicly. Burglars monitor the web, especially social media, to see where you check-in, if you plan to travel and how long your house will be vacant.

Learn more about how you can protect your home while you travel or get a free home assessment from your local home security professionals.

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