4 Home Security Tools that Help in Dementia Care

The symptoms of dementia are not only frustrating and disheartening to the sufferer; they can also pose a risk to their safety. As the condition progresses, individuals with dementia experience diminished abilities that causes memory loss, dulled or changed senses, poor judgment, and a loss of the awareness of time and place. These symptoms can cause the individual to put themselves in danger as they attempt to accomplish familiar tasks.

Assuring the safety of someone with dementia is one of the most critical concerns for caregivers, and often one of the most difficult. As the needs increase, caregivers must adapt the home to meet those needs. This can be especially challenging for caregivers who want their loved ones to be happy and to remain active and safe, yet do not want the home to feel restrictive. In light of Older Americans Month, here are some valuable home security solutions that provide safety, yet help retain all the warmth of the home environment.

Use Alarms to Secure Dangerous Items

Cabinet alarms can keep items such as medications, alcohol, and firearms safely unreachable.

Door and Window Alarms

Many instances of wandering happen while the other members of the household are sound asleep. This is because dementia can affect a person’s sense of time and cause them to have unusual sleep patterns. They may wake in the middle of the night and become confused when the house is quiet, causing them to attempt to leave. Door and window alarms can alert you should they be opened.

Keypad Locks

Commonly, individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia forget familiar faces, momentarily and unexpectedly. This often makes them feel afraid and suspicious and act out in attempt to protect themselves from these new strangers by locking out loved ones when they get the mail or perform other outdoor tasks. Since hiding a key outside the home increases the risk of burglary, a keypad entry is a perfect home security solution.

Security System with CCTV

Depending on the stage of dementia, individuals may be able to stay home alone for short periods of time. Using security camera systems, or CCTV, can help you view what is going on remotely, enabling you to spot and prevent danger, yet lets the loved one retain as much autonomy as possible for as long as possible.

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