Be on the Lookout for these Distraction Burglars

This may not necessarily apply to New Jersey alarm systems, but it is certainly applicable to your home security and personal safety. As the weather gets colder and we near the holiday season, distraction burglaries are going to start rising again. Criminals know that the holidays are the time to prey on the generous natures of others, and they know that people are incredibly distractible while shopping, getting their homes decorated and conducting other holiday season activities. In fact, it’s safe to say that the distraction burglary season starts as early as Halloween.

Here are some things to look out for from October through January:

  • Older trick-or-treaters who peek in your house, or distract you by talking too long
  • Someone claiming their car is broken down, but parked “around the corner” or somewhere else where you can’t see it
  • People offering to do odd jobs that you have never seen in the neighborhood before
  • In public, someone who asks you lots of questions or tells a long-winded story
  • Someone who asks an unusual favor in public, like accompanying them somewhere

These are people who may be trying to distract you and pull you away from your belongings long enough to steal from you. If you are at home, they want to gain access to your house and everything in it; if you are in public, they want you to break away from your vehicle or shopping bags so they can grab what they want and go. They often work in groups, so it is common for one person to distract while the other one steals. These are things you need to be on the lookout for.

Of course, the goal here is not to become an untrusting person – just an aware one. You may not like the idea of being skeptical, but everyone can get on board with being smart. In this day and age, that’s just a necessary personal security strategy we want all our New Jersey alarm systems customers to embrace.

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Lauren M.

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Lauren has been working at Complete Security Systems for over five years now. She is involved in marketing and process improvement at Complete Security Systems and is dedicated to providing clients with the latest security news and advice.
Lauren M.
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