Surprising Smart Home Helps for Exhausted Moms

Being a mom is a wonderful job, but one that encompasses about a million other job titles. As a mom, you are the Director of Operations, Law Enforcement, Safety Officer, Logistics Engineer and more, and all of those duties can get pretty exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice to find ways to ease the load a little?
Grab a cup of coffee, and let us provide a few solutions that satisfy safety, productivity, structure, consistency, and comfort all while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Increase Safety

Raising kids can be worrisome. There are just so many things that can cause harm that it can be overwhelming. The good news is that home automation can provide a multitude of customized ways to increase the safety of the entire family. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Use your phone to check in on playing kids or a sleeping baby without disturbing either.
  • Set up motion sensor alerts to warn you if an industrious toddler tries to escape to the backyard to play without your knowledge.
  • Support your young teen’s independence by setting up an alert for when they come home or see them through the doorbell camera.
  • Before you open the door to anyone, view and speak to them via the doorbell camera to determine if you need to—or if you should open the door.
  • Set up a “fauxcupancy” scenes so you always look home.

Provide Greater Structure and Improve Productivity

In a busy household, any sort of structure is a welcomed thing. We all know how little it takes to make the whole day fall apart right before our eyes. Using home automation as your support can be just the thing to get things on track and keep them there. Here are just a few ways home automation can revolutionize your productivity.

  • Getting everyone to sleep when they ought to be can be a real challenge, but not when you use home automation to schedule lights out. Still not sure? No worries. Just tap into the security camera through your phone to see if they are really off to sleep.
  • Keep naptime peaceful and undisturbed by turning your doorbell to silent and viewing visitors through the camera to see if it is necessary to open the door.
  • Schedule homework time and set up the entertainment systems to only go on after a certain hour.
  • For kids reluctant to get up in the morning, use lighting, temperature, and music controls to ease them into the day.

At Complete Security Systems, we know that the job of mom is no joke. We are happy to provide the technologies that make making life happen a little easier.

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Lauren M.

Administrative Assistant at Complete Security Systems
Lauren has been working at Complete Security Systems for over five years now. She is involved in marketing and process improvement at Complete Security Systems and is dedicated to providing clients with the latest security news and advice.
Lauren M.
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