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Why Dog Families Still Need Security Systems

Everybody loves your family’s dog, including visitors who aren’t in your family. Who doesn’t love him? A criminal who wants to break into your home. But even though he may be an inconvenience to a burglar, the presence of a dog is not always enough to keep an intruder away altogether. And that’s just one reason why dog families still need a home security system; here are some others.

Dogs’ senses are not infallible.

Dogs have great senses of hearing and smell. Even so, they can still fall short in the decision-making department. If you find yourself frustrated that your pet doesn’t act like a “guard dog” should, then he falls even shorter. Some dogs are just more intuitive than others.

But what is reliably intuitive? A professionally installed home security system, which senses home intrusion with powerful motion sensors, glass break detectors and other technology – all of it monitored 24/7 by the central station. All of this works together so that help will be on its way as soon as an intruder is detected.

Dogs are not connected to the central station. 

Speaking of the central station, your loyal pet isn’t “built” with technology that connects to it. But your security system is, and it will make sure a specially trained security operator is speaking with you the moment there’s a trigger. In seconds, the operator is locating your emergency and sending help.

Dogs are vulnerable creatures.

Unlike a home security system, your lovable family dog can be easily influenced by a criminal. For a cunning burglar who has done this before, it’s as easy as dangling a delicious-smelling piece of food on his way in the door. Your pet is vulnerable, and it’s just not fair to make home security his responsibility.

Questions about electronic security solutions for dog families? Contact Complete Security Systems for a free home security evaluation in New Jersey. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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